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Who we are

Our website address is:

Our main purpose

We (Doctor List Book) basically try to make it easy for common people to get doctors name address, chamber vaccination, ticket number etc easily at home and at the same time doctors get their patients. Keeping this objective in front of our work.


We try not to upload photos of doctors who are not interested in uploading their photos. And some pictures we collect from different websites. If anyone has any objection to the picture then let me know. We will delete the image.


As our site is a free site we do not do marketing. And that’s why we don’t collect anyone’s cookies. And it is impossible to sell.

Embedded content from other websites

You can do my site if you want. I don’t make anyone’s site my site.

special words

We have no contact with any doctors. Many doctors come to our site to share their information and we try our best to verify their information. If someone’s information seems correct then we share it. After this verify your doctor’s information and go to the doctor. In particular, when dealing with any doctor or medical, deal at your own risk. I will not be responsible for any problem. thank you